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Real Estate

360° expert assistance with all aspects of real estate from buying and selling to leasing, property management and much more

Holiday Homes

Providing exclusive access to the most wonderous and sumptuous vacation rental properties in the UAE

Travel & Lifestyle Concierge

Your passport to the best the world has to offer in travel, shopping, leisure, culture, business and entertainment

Luxury Escapes Cards

Pre-paid cards that can be accessed at short notice, anywhere in the world and come with 24/7 support

Our Group

With our substantial reputation for five-star service and unique ability to make connections our competitors couldn’t, we can provide our diverse range of clients, including individuals, corporate entities or private families, with the type of assistance that makes the impossible, possible.

One-of-a-kind quality

The Luxury Escapes Group caters for the diverse needs of today’s modern, cosmopolitan society. Our work is guided by the hallmarks of elegance, efficiency and five-star service, as we use our expertise and network to address the needs of those seeking a higher standard of quality.

Our Group Story

The world of luxury is evolving. Today, more and more people prefer to opt for an elevated level of service, a more impressive quality of product and a greater variety of unique experiences. Whether your preference for better lies in the everyday or the extraordinary, Luxury Escapes has the expertise, the knowledge and the network to help.

A Proud Heritage

Originally founded in 2003 as a high-quality real estate company, Luxury Escapes quickly recognised the need to go above and beyond for their clients. We knew we wanted to offer services and a level of quality that could not be found anywhere else.

From coordinating the buying, selling and renting of properties, we expanded to include vacation home rentals, property management services and even a division to handle residential development projects.

We then launched our premier travel and lifestyle concierge department, enabling our clients to rely on the expertise of internationally experienced personal consultants with unrivalled global reach.

Finally, we were able to add our own exclusive pre-payment card range, a highly accessible financial support tool that could be utilised by our clients across every division of Luxury Escapes and beyond.

Each step of our journey was driven by visionary leadership and a talented team of individuals whose collective experience encompassed top industry knowledge, internationally renowned reputations and unique, effective insights.

Each division of the Luxury Escapes Group is led by a team of experts in their field who understand the diverse requirements and cosmopolitan cultures of luxury living and are able to anticipate requirements and get results that no one else could.

Whether you need to build or buy that opulent mansion, select the right villa for a holiday or secure tickets for the Royal Box at Wimbledon, we have the skills, contacts and experience to bring your dreams to life. ​

From real estate purchases to vacation home management, residential project development to financial accessibility and a dedicated travel and lifestyle concierge, Luxury Escapes offers tailored assistance to clients that opens the door to the A to Z of luxury, anywhere in the world.

What makes Luxury Escapes stand out

The range of services we offer

Our exclusive network of connections

Our substantial global reach

Our wealth of experience

Our dedicated and expert team

Why Luxury Escapes?